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VOITING IS CLOSED. Winner to be announced mid October

Voting is closed. Winners to be announced soon.

Abbamondi, Robert

Nominated by: Cheryl

Robert has been in Aquatics his whole life was a completive swim from the time he was 3 years old at 15 started Lifeguarding learning how to services pools. He was the southern New Jersey reginal water safety instructor. He was the swimming instructor / coach at the George Hess meddle school in Mays Landing. Then he was the Aquatic Director of the Katz JCC in Margate City. he has always had a passion for the water. Then he decided to start his own pool services company.

Adams, Megan

Nominated by: Phillip

This woman does 70 pools weekly alone. Has never missed a day or called in sick. Customers love her and wait for her visits with excitement. Always a smile

Altier, Jules

Nominated by: Jules

Jules started at Leslie's Pools 5 years ago simply because it was close to her home. Little did she know she had found her calling. She is a CPO and helps run the oldest pool store in Orange and Los Angeles County. As the Operations Manager, she oversees 10 employees including repair techs, pool techs and office personal. She helps oversee service of over 600 pools. She helps run the physical retail store and is known as "The Water Doctor" because of her uncanny ability to diagnose water issues. About a year ago she became a columnist for the pool industry. She was a finalist in Pool Pro's "30 under 40" and is on the 2021 panel for Pool Pro Magazine. Jules the Pool girl is a single Mom who works 6 days a week to support her 4 year old. She is constantly trying to improve her pool knowledge and obtain certifications. She has really made a "splash" in the pool industry. She really deserves this prestigious award.

Atkin, Michael

Nominated by: Alysa

Michael Atkin is the most selfless guy I know. He always is doing right by his customers to make his company stand out among the rest. As his wife, I see him tirelessly putting in 90+ hours a week to be a successful leader in the industry.

Baker, Michael

Nominated by: Jennifer

My husband started our company 15 years ago and has built it into an 18 man operation. He not only does what is right for his customers but also thinks about his employees first. He wants the best for his community and colleagues and the company he has created shows this.

Barry, Kevin

Nominated by: AS ABOVE

Kevin started a pool company from scratch in his Honda Civic 7 years ago with no experience and is now doing over 1mm in revenue annually. He works 7 days a weeks and does whatever it takes to keep his clients happy and company reputation 5 stars on google.

Baudoin, Kristy

Nominated by: Elizabeth

She has been working hard clean pools and maintenance and repair on equipment since she was 15 years old. Went to college became a Parila legal and decided cleaning pool was way must fun for a job and the Challenges to get a pool clean. She is the best and her customers love her.

Benedetto, Joseph

Nominated by: Joseph

I am a commercial service technician. I go above and beyond for all of my property manager. All of the property manager ask for me when they call the office. When they have equipment that is down usually there within 24hr we operate 7days a week.

Blanchard, Kristine

Nominated by: Jenna

Kristine came to us from a different pool store this year and she is unbelievable. She is excellent with customers, well rounded with all things pools and spas, and is one of the hardest workers we have! Her father owned a pool service company, so she was in the pool industry when she was only 6. At 27 y/o now, I'd say that's pretty impressive!

Bohler, Eric

Nominated by: Margaret

Eric has been a fantastic addition to our team in 2021. He stepped in during one of the craziest seasons we have experienced and has acted like he's been here before without any prior industry experience. He takes time with customers to ensure customer satisfaction. Eric is an excellent candidate for Perfect Pool Guy and will surely take the top spot!

Bridges, Eric

Nominated by: Eric

My name is Eric Bridges. I have been working in the industry for 16 years now. I work hard everyday to help other pool companies around me grow and learn as much as I can.

Carmack Reedy, Jason

Nominated by: Missy

Jason has been servicing pools in Phoenix since 2016. He continuously goes above and beyond to make sure each person he comes into contact with is met with the time and care that he would give his own family - and treats his company and clients like an extension of his family. Jason is always striving to improve his knowledge in the pool service industry to make sure that he is able to offer the best products and information available.

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Cervantes, Luis

Nominated by: Angie

Luis is the most dedicated and loyal person. He is not only our most requested maintenance technician, but he is also very much respected by his clients and his coworkers due to his incredible work ethic.

Chambers, Chris

Nominated by: Debby

I started in the pool business about ten years ago and if it were not for Chris and all the knowledge he holds in his mind, I would not know what I do today. He knows everything when it comes to pools, equipment, building, cleaning, balancing, and things the normal person should not know. Always has the answer and if not, knows how to get it...which doesn't happen to often. A very smart pool technician and in the business for 20+ years....

Cook, Peter

Nominated by: Steve

Peter's diligence in the pool industry and his desire to go above and beyond his own merit is what sets him apart as the perfect pool guy. He has proven a faultless character in showing up on Sundays, after hours, and in any time he is called for, or simply knows he is needed. Peter takes satisfaction in the outcome of his work and community relations while seeking no praise. At such a young age there is only room to excel in the industry and provide new serviceman with that knowledge and heedfulness.

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Dailey, Jenn

Nominated by: randy

Jenn is a great employee and take time with each pool to makesure they are cleaned perfectly.

Darrow, Edward

Nominated by: Nicole

Ed is one of the hardest working pool guys I know. He spends his time from sun up to sun down making sure the pools around Central New York are in tiptop shape! He has been in the pool business since the age of 15 working his way up the ladder. There is no other person in our area who does pools like him. Additionally he is the only Hayward Platinum Service Center in our area, that speaks volume.

Fernandez, Guillermo

Nominated by: as above


Frost, Lynn

Nominated by: as above

I'm a female owned pool construction builder. I work my butt off in the hot Florida sun.