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VOITING IS CLOSED. Winner to be announced mid October

Voting is closed. Winners to be announced soon.


Nominated by: KIMBERLY

Mr. Atchley is a rarity in these times: Professional, Dependable, Dedicated, Hardworking, Trustworthy, and provides a much needed sense of humor with COVID bringing such chaos to ou r.c lives. He is diligent in his work to role model for his beautiful young daughter. I am EXTREMELY proud to nominate Mr. Atchley for this. Thank you for your time.


Nominated by: MICHAEL

I started Ambiance Pool Service 15 years ago after moving to Arizona from Michigan. I have since grown the company in a 16 person operation. I treat my employees exactly how I would want to be treated. They all receive a great living wage with full benefits. I feel I have created a great culture with happy people. I really love working in the pool industry and I have been extremely grateful that I am able to give my family everything they need through my passion in the service industry. I also own, Life Saver Pool Fence of Tucson, Tucson Pool Water Recycling, and co-own Omni Pool Builders as well. Thank you for the opportunity!

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Balas, Jim

Nominated by: Gary

Jim has worked for the company for over 15 years. He knows everything about the hot tubs and pools from tear down to openning. He runs service calls all day. He is always there if you have a question about anything related to the inner workings of a hot tub, pool pump, filter system etc... Jim is very positive and our customers love him. He is a team player but can also sell in the field like the best of them. Jim exemplifies our company standards, ethics, and professionalizm.

Birch, Michael

Nominated by: Michael

I started two years ago and am now responsible for over 40 pools a week on my route plus also help ensure the other 40 or so are done and done correctly. I also take care of a retirement facility with two large pools and this is three days a week beginning at 3:30am. I have also worked to built lasting and productive relationships and communication with my clients.

Bishop, Kevin

Nominated by: Dave

Kevin started working with our company 7 years ago when he was just in high school, working only during the summer in our store. As he entered college and had more available time he became our full time pool cleaner, worked as the cleaner for 4 seasons and now that he is done with college he has become one of our full time service technicians, running his own service crew and getting tons of customer compliments along the way!

Bogdan, Gregory

Nominated by: Kali

My boyfriend is very detailed oriented, and is always 10 steps ahead. He has the “algae eye” and his hard work does not go unnoticed. It reflects in the feedback from his customers.

Boranian, Matthew

Nominated by: Janell

Matt brings an unprecedented level of integrity to the pool industry. Clients rely on a pool professional to protect their safety and investment and Matt is always honest with clients when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Matt Takes the responsibility of keeping his clients and their families safe very seriously and to heart. He never over recommends to make quick money, he often works 7 days a week to help ensure his clients never have a lapse in quality. This is an industry where lack of passion can result in laziness (Especially here in Hawaii) and Matt is someone his clients, fellow pool professional and the local pool stores have come to rely on.

Brown, Josh

Nominated by: Tina

Josh Brown came to our store in need of a job. With no knowledge he has worked tirelessly to learn everything about the pool service business. He has had the most comments of recognition from all of his customers. Only 20 years old, but doing the work of a much older person and doing it well

Brown, Dominic

Nominated by: Lynda

Dominic is one of the hardest working pool guys I have met. He is always in an upbeat mood when I see him and very friendly and courteous. When I had a conflict this summer he was right there to help us and made everything go smoothly. He wears many hats at Hansen's and does every job well. This summer I know was particularly crazy and he handled it great without letting it effect his attitude towards us the customers calling for service.

Cervantes, Luis

Nominated by: Angie

Luis is the most requested technician we have due to the quality of work that he provides his customers. Luis is a perfectionist and his work shows that when he leaves the pool. Luis is a very dedicated and hard worker that takes an immense amount of pride in his work.

Charlton, Bob

Nominated by: Bob

Dedication, knowledge, respect, consistency, reliability these are all things that a business should have to be honored! In a time were we need the above mentioned attributes to be in our lives you can always expect that and more from Bob and Professional Pool & Spa Service.

Cook, Mike

Nominated by: Ashley

Mike, the service manager, doesn't just sell, build or fix pools. He builds relationships with the customers by making them feel comfortable in any type of purchase. His knowledge spans from chemicals , all types of pool & spa repairs , to sales of new pools & spas. With over 20 years of experience in the field, his passion has grown the company into what it is today. His love for the industry has changed the lives of many people, not just myself and my fellow employees by making our workspace feel like home, but also for the customers in which he brings joy to by establishing that relationship through their ow. pool or spa.

Cosentino, Steve

Nominated by: Beth

Patient professional that takes the time to show colleagues how to do it right the first time. Old school gentleman that understands and values customer service while still striding to hit sales, pool mgmt goals - simply stated, he is one of the good guys that doe his job with honesty and integrity.

Darrow, Edward

Nominated by: Annett

d been in the pool business since he was 12 years old, he is now 57! He survived a quintuple heart bypass in 2017 after having a heart attack on a pool job! He is known as “Ed the Pool Guy” to customers and the man doesn’t have to advertise because his customers are his advertising! Word of mouth of how good he is at what he specializes in, renovations of inground pools and his service work!

DeFelice, Dario

Nominated by: Dario

I thoroughly enjoy helping others. Whether it is solving a customer's problem or assisting with a build. I take thorough joy in doing what I do.

Delgado, Juan

Nominated by: Kathleen

Juan Delgado has been with Heritage Pools, LLC for a year and was recently promoted to Field Supervisor. Juan has also taken on the responsibility of assisting our company with the implementation of a new computerized maintenance record-keeping system. This system will eliminate paper records and will give our company the ability to transmit data and photographs instantly to our homeowners. He is willing to take his time at every pool he maintains and takes an immense amount of pride in his work. Juan’s attention to detail is phenomenal and he has a respectable reputation for following up with our homeowners. His amazing customer service flows over to his teammates and he is always willing to lend a helping hand. Juan is extremely prompt and exceeds the communication skills needed to work with our office team. He comes to work on time, with a smile on his face, his shirt tucked in and as you can see in his photo – always ready for the ever-changing weather! Heritage Pools, LLC is proud to nominate Juan for the Perfect Pool Guy for 2020! We consider Juan, the best of the best!

Doll, Larry

Nominated by: Gary

Family owned and operated local pool & spa supply store in the south bay area of Los Angeles for over 30 yrs. He & his wife Shelley cares about our customers & employees,

Dressler, George

Nominated by: Ken

George is a great team member that is always striving to be better and make those around him better. George obtained his CPO this spring and is always looking for ways to learn more. Our customers love George and several even go out of their way to visit with him when he is servicing their pool. This year our customer satisfaction has been greatly improved thanks to George and his dedication.

Eckert, Andrew

Nominated by: Angie

Andrew is always reaching for the stars! He has a strong sense of integrity and a thrive for knowledge that i have never seen before. Andrew always makes sure to take care of his customers and go above and beyond. He is a great example for any team and shows the true meaning of hard work.

Fletcher , Josh

Nominated by: Amber

Josh Fletcher, a Marine Corps Veteran, has been in the pool industry for almost 20 years. He started working in the pool industry after he completed his deployment in the US war in Afghanistan. What started as a lifeguard summer job has turned into a his life passion. There isn’t a thing Josh wouldn’t do for his teams! He’s loved by all of us here at Collins, especially loved by his customers.

Gist, Jesse

Nominated by: Joshua

Jesse started with Gallagher Pools and Spas 20 years ago as a crew helper. From there, he quickly rose through the ranks to the position that he is at today as the senior service technician. Perisonalble, caring, dedicated, and very able, he is not only a key to business operations, but also a very recognized and trusted face with all of Gallagher's clientele. He is the recognized source of knowledge for any issue that may arise, and if he does not have the answers, he works tirelessly to find them. A family man as well, he balances his time wisely, but is also able to commit the dedication that is required during peak season in this business. Winning this award would be a monumental capstone to commemorate his 20 years in the industry and with Gallagher Pools and Spas.

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Glinski, Blake

Nominated by: Robert

Goes above and beyond

Holland, Alvin

Nominated by: BJ

Alvin maintains my pool completely on a weekly basis. His conscientious efforts and cooperation in doing professional, high quality work are appreciated. Alvin's grandson, Caleb, is following in his footsteps to be a third generation service man for the family company.

Howard, Chris

Nominated by: As above

Has worked hard to get his business off the ground this year and making the transition to full time in his company. Along the way making clients, not just customers, to help families reduce the upkeep of their investments in the backyard.

Hunter, Marc

Nominated by: Sean

Marc is a hard worker, always putting in the extra hours, who is always looking to improve through education and networking. He is our go to guy for Water chemistry issues and takes the time at each stop to teach new employees and explain complicated issues to the homeowners.