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VOITING IS CLOSED. Winner to be announced mid October

Voting is closed. Winners to be announced soon.

Balas, Jim

Nominated by: Kristin

Jim has been in the pool business for over 20 years and is our lead service tech. We call him the McGyvor of service. He has figured out how to fix the most inconvienent, intriquit, impossible issues over his years with our company. Jim is a terrific dad of three and tries to teach his children everyday how to be respectful, hardworking, and self-sufficient. He is also a boy scout troop leader for his sons and loves teaching kids how to live off the land, respect nature, and how to be a stand-up citizen of our community. Everyone at our business would say Jim is the most laid-back, nicest guy who lends a helping hand anytime he is asked. We want to nominate Jim Balas for Pool Tech of the year because he definitely deserves it. He knows his stuff and definitely goes above and beyond for his customers and coworkers.

Bishop, Christ-Ann

Nominated by: William

She is a selfless team player and willing to take the extra stop on a moments notice. She's %100 efficient and effective, kind and responsive, never gets complaints.

Blanchard, Kristine

Nominated by: Jenna

At only 28 years old, Kristine has been in the swimming pool industry for 23 of those. Her familiarity and knowledge of the industry shines through with every interaction with customers and field work. Oh, and she was commissioned by the "For Dummies" company to be the author of their Pool Care for Dummies book coming out in May 2023!

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Cain, Dan

Nominated by: Kristin

Dan Cain should win the Pool Tech of the year because he started in 2005 as a Parts guru for Valley Pool & Spa and has moved up to one of our most experienced Service Technicians over the years. He takes every new service tech under his wing to show them the ropes and teach them the tricks of the trade. Dan is always there when we need help in the stores or with an extra customer issue that may arise. He knows how to talk to customers and make them feel like part of the family. Dan is quite the handyman outside of work helping to renovate homes of his family members and loves to hunt and camp. He is teaching his daughter and son how to ride quads and explore the great outdoors. Behind Dan's grizzly beard is a big teddy bear with a heart of gold. He would do anything you ask of him and has been known to help drive in the 4th of July parades, gather presents for Toys for Tots, and help customers out to their cars if he needed to just run into to a store for his next call. We hope Dan can be recognized for all his hardwork and dedication over the years and we know he would make a great Pool Tech of the year.

Davis, Shawn

Nominated by: Lynde

With over 25 years in the industry, he carries our company name with pride and people seek him out for his knowledge. He is a true poolboy for life!!

Dungan, Swade

Nominated by: Jordan

Swade is the perfect example of someone who has succeeded in life primarily because of his heart for helping those around him. He has been in the pool industry for awhile now and has gained the reputation of being someone you can count on regardless of the situation or time of day. He has invested in learning about pool maintenance and repair work in his own time so that he can better serve his customers and help his coworkers. Swade is an awesome human and I am proud to nominate him as the "Perfect Pool Guy"!

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Goss, Fred

Nominated by: Paige

Possessing many years of experience within the pool industry, Fred Goss has been an innovator and pillar of excellence for Heritage Pools. Holding NPC, CST, and CPO certifications, Fred is not only a model employee but is featured as the face of our company from the various YouTube videos created to educate both prospective and current customers alike. When a task is given or a difficult challenge needs to be met, Fred demonstrates focused energy and resolve to meet our customer's needs while never wavering from our organization's core principles and values. Fred will step into any operational department and offer senior-level support, insight and training for all staff- novice or experienced. Known to us as " The Manual King", Fred is always hungry for knowledge and will sit down to study full manuals in order to make sure the equipment he is servicing is completed properly and that our company can exceed the customers' expectations for service. Our nominee, Fred Goss, is most deserving of the title "Pool Guy of the Year". We nominate him not just because of all the great things he provides to our customers and our organization but because he does so in a humble, selfless manner. Beyond skill, ability and experience, there is not a better person fit for the award.

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Gutierrez, Richard

Nominated by: Patricia

Rich is hands down the best of the best at pool maintenance and problem solving. There is no pool that he can't turn around and make blue for a great swim season.

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Haden, Rob

Nominated by: Adam

Rob is always in a great mood and has a smile on his face at all times. His positivity spreads to others around him. His customers rave about him all the time and he has numerous outstanding reviews. When we train new service technicians, we always provide them with one of our senior team members, such as Rob, to be their mentor and supervisor. We pride ourselves with the experience our team has and their willingness to help new employees feel welcomed and confident so they can perform to their best ability. Rob's enthusiasm is truly outstanding and we are fortunate to have him part of the team.

Hendricks , Jermel

Nominated by: Patricia

Jermel is a model employee, he shows up everyday on time with a smile. He always provides top notch customer service. All around great person.

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Hoagland, Wesley

Nominated by: Shane

Wesley IS a Perfect Pool Tech. This young man is never late, never misses a day of work, is smart, diligent, and well mannered. He started with our company as a lifeguard and then decided to try out being a pool tech. He quickly learned how to perfectly clean and maintain the pools on his route with an exceptional eye for detail. He then decided that he wanted to make a career in the pool industry. I was very happy to hear that because this industry is very lucky to have him. He is now working as an area manager for Collins Pool Management overseeing several route techs. I have worked with many technicians through my years in business. None have impressed me quite like Wesley.

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