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VOITING IS CLOSED. Winner to be announced mid October

Voting is closed. Winners to be announced soon.

Allan, Mike

Nominated by: Mindy

Mike is my husband. We own a small service/maintenance company in Ontario. While we were getting our business started, Mike had to work elsewhere to make sure our bills were still getting paid, as well as help me with opens, closes and service work in between. He has finally been able to quit that job recently, and our business is growing steadily. He is the type of guy that will pick up a newspaper, and empty recycling bins and bring them to the house on his way to the pool. He spends numerous hours on the phone after hours helping and guiding customers around their equipment when there's an issue. He goes out of his way to make sure everyone is happy.

Bowen, Chris

Nominated by: Tanner

My boss has grown our company from nothing in two years. We have grown from nothing to over a 150 service clients. This year alone we have done over 30 remodels already and now we’re working on our new construction projects. Our company has doubled its service clients since November. My boss has the drive and devotion to make us the top company in our area. 

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Bozman, Sean

Nominated by: AS ABOVE

Best in town, reliable, trust worthy. Hardest working man I know, who does his best to keep water safe and follow the regulations set forth. Won’t find another more dedicated person at his job.

Brown, Dominic

Nominated by: Margaret

Dominic began in this industry just shy of a year ago and has really stepped up to the plate to learn about all aspects of the business and stay involved and committed to his customers. He has come in early, stayed (very) late, and come in on his day off to make sure everyone is always taken care of.

Cintron , Theresa

Nominated by: Samantha

Always going above & beyond for our customers, and making sure every pool is our top priority! Very dedicated in the pool service industry.

Crittenden, Jay

Nominated by: Terry

Jay has and excellent knowledge of pool service. His personality and humor always makes his customers very happy. His work means satisfied customers which is important to the company. This young man is deserving of this honor.

DeFelice, Dario

Nominated by: Dario

I started as a vacuum techs helper at age of 17. Now at the age of 33 I’m the service tech supervisor with only the owner above me. I build, renovate, and service all types of swimming pools.

Duda, Frank

Nominated by: Ray

Frank Duda is my Lead technician and Director of Operations at Pool Scouts of the Lowcountry. He is dedicated and hard working employee who always puts his customer's needs first. Frank is also member of the South Carolina State Guard and was recently mobilized to assist victims of Hurricane Florence. Frank is also a volunteer member of the Beaufort Water Search and Rescue and is a strong proponent of pool and water safety.

Dunlap, Ken

Nominated by: Richie

I nominate my dad. He just turned 76 and he still comes out with me to service pools, do repairs, fill jugs and keep up with all the inventory at the retail store. There is not anyone like him with the knowledge of the pool industry. He attended all of the pool schools from bio-lab back in the 70’s. He applied that knowledge and educated his customers by running his own pool schools back here at his retail store. Even as the business has evolved, by adding in remodeling and new construction, over the years it’s still about costumer service and not just the sale. He always emphasizes that providing the customer with service by going to the costumers house with him (and also teaching me about fixing things instead of selling things) was the right thing to do. 2020 celebrates the 50th year in business for my Dad. Proud is the understatement of the century. I am proud to continue his legacy and work alongside him.

Dunlap, JoCarole

Nominated by: Richie

I nominate my mom. She has been working the counter at our retail pool store almost 50 years helping costumers with all of their pool problems and educating them on how to do it the right way. She frequently gives them notes and instructions to take home. The best thing I’ve learned from her is that you don’t always have to sell the costumer something if they don’t need it. Educating is the key. It keeps them coming back. I’ve met some of our costumers that have been coming to us for over 40 years and keep the tradition going with a loyal client base and word of mouth referrals. She is a blend of care, education, honesty, and love.

Edwards, Averi

Nominated by: AS ABOVE

I would be honored to be considered for the Pleatco Perfect Pool Gal title. I take my job very seriously and I am always trying to expand my knowledge in the industry. Our customer's safety is my number one priority. Keeping water healthy, safe and clear with preventative maintenance and as few chemicals as possible is my goal. As a female in this industry I feel as though I have to work a little harder to show my worth. I do this by staying as informed and educated as possible and do my best to pass my knowledge along to my customers.
Averi Edwards is one of the hardest working 28 year olds out there. Working under my dad, owner of Edwards Pool Construction, Averi manages the service department while still getting out in the field herself. Averi makes what needs to happen, happen. She holds her own in a male dominated business. She is always on call, 24/7. If there is a problem, Averi will get it done. Writing this is her sister. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, when I was 16. While my parents stayed with me in the hospital, Averi managed to keep the entire company, especially the service department, running with flying colors. She is an extraordinary woman that customers rave about, and she is an excellent candidate for this award.
Averi Edwards is a 2nd generation pool professional who works within her father's company, but that only motivates her to be better and not settle. Instead of just taking an "easy way out" and just staying in the office, she went into the field with minimal experience and a can do attitude. 5 years later, she has a crew working under her and is a vital part of the company. Averi handles many tasks like billing, payroll, customer interactions, scheduling, equipment automations, weekly service, "pool school" walk throughs with customers just to list a few. She is all about getting the job done and is not above doing the work herself. Even if it means brush vacuuming a new plaster job on a Friday evening after dinner with her family. That's partly because of the pride she takes in her family's business and because of the pride she takes in her craft. Her hunger for knowledge has only grown over the years. This hunger has even caught the attention of competitors, who are now following her example of the importance of water chemistry and a balanced LSI instead of a "one size fits all" approach.

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Elliott, Whitney

Nominated by: Karri

Whitney has been in the pool and spa industry for over 30 years. Her knowledge for the product lines, service and other things for my backyard is brilliant. She is kind, friendly and helpful. She's the real deal with a heart of gold.

Fredrickson, John

Nominated by: Joe

John "Baldy" Fredrickson has been a Cover-Pools Service Technician for 23 years and has earned the reputation as the most honest, knowledgable and giving technician in the company. He regularly goes out of his way to help his colleagues and customers generously giving his knowledge and sacrificing his own time to help others.

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Gallo, Lily

Nominated by: Lily

Extremely professional. Always ready to help. All of our customers request her to service their pools and spas!

Goodale, Steve

Nominated by: Julie

Steve should be awarded a PHD in poolology! He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, prompt and kind. Knowing that my son has leukemia and that I needed a lot of help ensuring my pool is in pristine condition, he gave me SO much support and guidance in choosing the correct equipment for my pool. I felt so anxious before I spoke to Steve. Now I feel comfortable letting my son in our pool as I know it's safe!
I am building 2 mirrored infinity pools in a very complex project. Where multiple pool contractors have been stumped, Steve has been my "go to" guy for the correct answer each and every time. He is also great with the latest in pool possibilities recommending things people here have little or no knowledge of.

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Goodall, Bob

Nominated by: Kristel

When I started here 8 years ago, I started in the pool industry not knowing much at all about pools. He would come and sit with me everyday to help train me or even to make sure I didn’t need help with anything. When we are in the height of the season he will work in different areas that need help, it could be in one of our 5 retail stores, helping answer phones to schedule service calls, help deliver a spa, and many more things he has done, too many to list.  He has built his business on the reputation that Goodall Pools provides exceptional service in all aspects of the business, including new builds, renovations and the service department to name a few. .  He is always here to help us if we need it.  Not only has he built an outstanding reputation on the business front, but the relationship he has with employees in today’s world says all there is too know.  The average term of employment for our full-time employees is between 10 and 15 years with many employees 20 years or more.  With his kind heart he is always willing to help us if we need something personal from him. I can share one of my own experiences: when I was hired it was just on a seasonal basis because we all know that in the north, the pool business cannot be fully staffed all year round. My second season with Goodall Pools & Spas my husband became very sick and we could not figure out what was wrong with him and he could not work for 8 months. During that 8 months we had a lay off and I was not sure how I was going to take care of my family for those months. He offered to keep me on full time, so I was able to make money to take care of my family. He is truly one of the best people to work for.
He is always willing to his employees no matter if it is moving a spa, taking a phone call to schedule an appointment. Even if he is not in the office he will take your call night or day to help you out with what you need even if it is something personal.

Greathouse, Rick

Nominated by: Nicole

Rick is one of a kind. He cares about his customers as if they were family. He knows about their personal struggles. Please pick him!!! He truly deserves this award.

Heckersbruch, Helmut

Nominated by: Helmut

Helmut has been in the industry for over 20yrs. His experiences in the past made him very well known in the pool and spa industry in Quebec. Great knowledge of spas and pools. Has participated in many custom jobs. He is the goto guy when others fail. Check out the reviews on Google, you’ll understand the commitment to a high standard of excellence

Hedlund, Jim

Nominated by: Monique

I am nominating Jim Hedlund because he always puts the customer and his employees first. His life is dedicated to his work and his children, who he and his wife, Diane, are teaching to some day take over the business. He is always learning and improving as the industry changes. He is an inspiration to all of us who work with him. He is always happy to teach others and is very patient with new hires. He will never sacrifice quality for price, and this along with his level of honesty and integrity show through to every customer and employee he works with. The pride that he has in his work and his business is immeasurable. Jim is the Perfect Pool Guy.

Hinckley, Michael

Nominated by: Michael

I have been doing swimming pools for over thirty years. My company focus has always been top notch customer service and quality. We pride ourselves in not only ensuring swimming pools are a safe place for people to enjoy, but take the extra time to educate our customers to develop a close working relationship.