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The Sleep Benefits of Hot Tub Soaking

Did you know that spending time in a hot tub before going to bed could lead to a deeper and more peaceful sleep?

According to a recent poll by the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 132 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, like insomnia, at least one night a week and this number is on the rise.

This lack of sleep can leave you feeling nervous, groggy and depressed or cause erratic mood swings. Because sleep researchers believe that insomnia can be traced to hectic, stressful lifestyles, many researchers suggest that relaxing in a spa regularly before bedtime can be a simple solution to this dilemma.

Sleep Benefits of Hot Tub Soaking

How important is a restful night’s sleep? It is widely accepted that getting quality, REM sleep has a multitude of positive effects on just about everything.

When lack of sleep becomes a chronic problem, it can start to affect your body and mind in many ways.

Studies consistently show that:

  • Sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory.
  • Chronic sleep loss affects the way we process and store carbohydrates, which can lead to weight gain.
  • More serious sleep disorders have lead to hypertension.
  • Over time, chronic sleep loss can diminish the disease-fighting capabilities of the immune system.

A Natural Way To a Deeper and More Restful Sleep

A recent study in the scientific journal Sleep showed that soaking in a hot tub prior to bedtime could help insomniacs achieve a deeper, more relaxing sleep.

Taking a 15-minute soak in a hot tub about 90 minute before going to bed allows your body temperature to adjust and enable a better nights sleep naturally. Your body’s core internal thermostat drops after leaving the water, which signals the body that it’s time to sleep.

The sleep improvement may also be related to hot water’s relaxing properties – the buoyancy of water reduces body weight by approximately 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles, creating the sensation of weightlessness while leaving you feeling both mentally and emotionally relaxed.

Peace of Mind
Relax and focus on what’s truly important – health and happiness.

PleatcoPure The Clean Water Company

Leaders in Science and Innovation

Pleatco launches the 2016 Perfect Pool Guy, Pool Gal Search with Genesis and NSPF® Nominations are now open!

The highlight of this year’s contest is the inclusion of the National Swimming Pool Foundation as co-sponsor. NSPF will award their new Advanced Service Technician™ (AST) Certification Course to each and every finalist. This significant contribution raises the level of the contest to impressive new heights.

The Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy/Gal contest now in its ninth year, is an innovative way to honor the hard-working men and women of the pool service industry. Over the past eight years, over 700 people have entered the contest and nearly 45,000 people have voted for the winners. The contest was coined by an industry reporter as the ‘Oscars of the Pool and Spa Service Industry’.

“Over the nine years that Pleatco has run this contest, we’ve learned that being a professional pool or spa service technician is more than a job…it’s a passion. Many homeowners treat their service guy or gal like family; it’s a special relationship; said Pleatco CEO, Howard Smith. A pool or spa is an integral part of a home – a way to relax – and it’s a place for a family to share time together. Homeowners trust their service professional to keep their “backyard-oasis” safe.

It’s easy to enter! Just click here:

The relationship with the homeowner is much deeper than that of the mailman or local handyman in most cases. Essentially, the Perfect PoolGuy and Gal are the unsung heroes of the neighborhood “The service industry is extremely important when it comes to helping owners fully enjoy and appreciate their pools”, adds Brian Van Bower, Genesis Ambassador and Co-founder. “Skip Phillips and I started our careers in pool service and it has always been near and dear to our hearts. We are proud to help honor our hard working service professionals through he Pleatco contest!”

“We also are fortunate to be the new co-sponsor of this wonderful contest. At NSPF we fully support initiatives that keep pools safer, keep pools open, and assure more people can enjoy the water. We recognize the crucial role every pool service technician plays, we are honored to celebrate them, and we are pleased to offer our new AST online course as a major prize for each and every finalist to nurture continued growth.” says Thomas Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO of NSPF.

This year’s Perfect Pool Guy and Perfect Pool Gal will each receive a trip for two to the International Pool, Spa, and Patio Expo hosted by New Orleans in November 2016. Most important, both winners may attend the Genesis Basic Pool Construction Course free of charge ($5,000 value) being held in New Orleans. This year the contest winners (and all finalists) will receive access to NSPF’s AST Certification Course ($1,100 value). Add in a high profile awards ceremony, gala dinner, nationwide advertising campaign and thousands of dollars of free Pleatco products and you have an amazing incentive to nominate yourself, or colleague PoolGuy/Gal in this year’s contest.

It’s easy to enter! Just click here:

“This year’s theme is - Put your PoolGuy/Gal to the test!” says Pleatco’s CMO, Battista Remati. “We are looking forward to an amazing contest and urge everyone, even if they have entered in previous years, to nominate either themselves or a colleague and reward them with the recognition they so duly deserve”. 

Contest Entry - Poolguy/gal

Hot Tub Maintenance 101 - What to Do When

Some people worry that hot tubs are difficult to maintain– this is not the case at all.  In order to keep your hot tub in perfect condition, you simply need to perform a few easy maintenance tasks on a regular basis.

Hot tub maintenance doesn’t require a lot of time. Spending a few quick minutes on hot tub maintenance will increase your enjoyment plus, continued maintenance adds to the longevity of your spa.

Hot Tub Maintenance 101 - What to Do When

Here’s what you need to know:

5-Point Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist

1.     Sanitize the spa: Keeping your hot tub properly sanitized will prevent any sort of unwanted contaminants. Granular chlorine  or bromine are the best sanitizers. Maintaining the sanitizer levels in your spa is easy. Simply check  periodically to make sure levels are within acceptable limits with a test strip.

2.     Clean your filter every month: Remove the filters and clean by spraying them off with a hose and nozzle or other high-pressure water stream. Work each pleat from top to bottom.

3.     Drain and refill: Your water will not stay fresh and clean forever, even with proper maintenance. It is best to drain and refill your hot tub every 3 months.  Follow the instructions in your Owner’s Manual.

4.     Skimmer Basket: Check and clean the skimmer basket once a week removing leaves and debris to ensure proper filter flow.

5.     Protective Cover Care: Your hot tub cover is exposed to the elements and can be damaged by UV rays, dirt, and stains. Protect your cover and extend its life by using a vinyl protector.

5 -Smart Bonus Tips

Use the right spa filter!  The filtration needs of a spa are specific & fundamentally different from pool filtration due to the combination of hot temperatures, high-powered propulsion water flow and the intimate environment.That is why Pleatco premium replacement cartridges are scientifically engineered for spas!

Place tennis balls into the skimmers – or directly into the water – to attract bodily oils, hair products, lotions, etc.from entering the filtration system. Change them as necessary depending on the bather load.

Hot tub covers can produce a musty or mildew smell after a while.  That’s why it’s important to keep your cover clean and free of these foul odors.  Use a small amount of bleach (10%) added to water (90%) and wipe down the bottom of the hot tub cover every 90 days. This will help prevent your cover from getting that musty smell that everyone dislikes.

When filling up your hot tub, attach a filter to the end of your hose. PleatcoPureStart is scientifically engineered to overcome the problems associated with Tap, Ground and Well water. Eliminate dirt particles and capture magnesium, iron and calcium deposits before they enter the water!    

Keep your hot tub covered when not in use. Covering up your hot tub at all times will keep harmful UV, extending the life of your sanitizer.

We would love to hear your feedback. Do you have other tips?


8 Awesome Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool

Reason #1 Quality Time With Family & Friends

A huge benefit of swimming pool ownership is less distraction from ever-present technology that controls so much of our life.  Now just imagine the look on your children’s faces when you tell them they are getting a pool! Your swimming pool also gives friends and neighbors a reason to come over.

For parents, it keeps the kids close and gets them outside! Breaking that grip on video gaming, YouTube, social channels, texting…. 

Laughter, smiles, games, splashing or floating. When you build a pool, you’re actually creating a fun and relaxing space for all to spend time together. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime!
8 Awesome Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool

Reason #2 Create an Endless Vacation in Your Backyard

Why leave your home to go on vacation when you can be on an endless vacation in your own backyard?  Need an escape? Open you backdoor and you are there!

Reason #3 Fitness and Health

Instead of driving to the gym, you can spend time exercising in your own pool. Research shows that swimming provides an excellent total body workout with a low risk of injury. Swimming in your pool can also promote faster weight loss. Walking or jogging in the pool is a great, low-impact forms of exercise. Water provides extra resistance while protecting the joints and bones.

Reason #4 Relaxation and Stress Relief

When you get home from a long day at work or need to escape the every day pressures of life, take a quick dip in your pool to unwind. Being in and around a pool is a natural stress reliever because water has an amazing calming affect on us.

Reason #5 Increases the Value of Your Home

A pool adds an immediate value to your home.  Many people add extra amenities to the pool area like an outdoor bar/kitchen, fire pit or landscaping. These additions further increase the worth of your home.

Reason #6 Beat The Dog Days of Summer

Instead of hiding out indoors with the air conditioning, you can beat the summer heat by lounging in the cool waters of your own pool and save on the air conditioning bill. Speaking of dogs – they will love their new pool!

Reason #7 The Grandkids

When it comes to giving the grandkids an extra incentive to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house, nothing beats a swimming pool.

Reason #8 Sleep Better

If you suffer from insomnia, or lack of peaceful sleep the exercise you get in a pool allows you to fall to sleep faster and sleep deeper. Many parents struggle to get kids to bed on time, a pool can make your life easier, it’s a sure fire way to tire them out.

Pool Landscaping Ideas–Create a Backyard Oasis

Pool Landscaping Ideas – Create a Backyard Oasis

Pools are fun for the whole family, relaxing and even therapeutic additions to your backyard paradise.

The landscaping you choose can turn even the most basic pool and patio into an absolute oasis. Often, it's not until the pool landscaping is completed that your swimming pool develops that "wow" factor that people dream of.

Pool Landscaping Ideas – Create a Backyard Oasis

In addition to that “wow” look goal, pool landscaping projects have some common practical goals:

    Plant for low maintenance
    Provide privacy
    Mesh well with your yard’s theme
    Protect the pool from debris that might blow into the pool

Whether you're planning to revamp an existing landscape, start from scratch, do-it-yourself or hire a professional, these pool landscape design tips and ideas can help jump start your project planning.

Pool Landscaping Tips:

How to use Potted Plants

Potted plants can be a simple and inexpensive part of your landscaping project.  Since they are portable you have the freedom to experiment with placement. Potted plants are often clustered together to give the look of a landscape bed.  

Privacy is a concern for many pool owners

The visual and audible screening properties of natural plants and trees make landscaping one of the most powerful ways to achieve privacy in a swimming pool area.

Get ideas for swimming pool privacy landscaping on Houzz

How to use Planters

Planters are different than potted plants, in that planters are a permanent feature of your pool landscaping area.  They are typically used in flat open area in the pool patio, or as an elevated feature adjacent to benches or walls.  Using simple planters in your pool patio area can transform little used sections to create that “wow” factor!  Planters can also reduce the cost of your project if used appropriately.

Check Out Pool Planters Ideas on Houzz

The Role of Lighting

Properly done outdoor lighting can really make your pool area standout.

Evening entertaining by the pool is so fun! Use pool lighting to showcase your pool. Place lighting in trees and walkways to make these areas appear larger and more inviting. Your guests will be impressed!

Smart Tip: Many times new pool owners want to add lighting features but do not have the budget to add immediately.  In these cases, consider having an electrician run extra electrical conduit to your pool for future installations, this will save you money down the road.

Which Plants to Use and Avoid:

Good plants to use

    Evergreen trees and ground cover
    Ivy (for ground cover)
    Long blooming flowers
    Ornamental grasses like fountain grass

To cut down on maintenance responsibilities, avoid greenery that needs mulch or loses foliage that could blow into the pool. To get the most use out of your backyard paradise, incorporate shading solutions. Work with your existing landscape/trees to achieve shade opportunities. While you may not want to directly shade the pool, nearby shaded areas provide guests with a place to relax and socialize out of the sun.

Smart Tips: Don’t plant yourself into a corner! Consider all the work involved with weeding, pruning, raking, fertilizing and watering. Select plants and trees that will match your acceptable level of maintenance. Also plan on the growth!  A blue spruce looks great when you load into the trunk of your car, but 10 years later, it’s 30ft tall, and now you have tons of needles dropping into your pool, and all shade – no sun. 

Saltwater Pool Owners: Make sure to choose plants that are tolerant of high salt level.

Bad landscaping to use

    Fruit bearing trees
    Plants that attracts bees and other insects like mint or bee balm
    Plants with thorns, barbs, or other prickly parts like roses or hollies.

Smart Tip:  Avoid trees that shed leaves or needles, bark or seeds, which make it difficult to keep the pool clean. Added organic load also consumes sanitizers and elevates phosphate levels and can quickly lead to green pools or algae

Visualize Pool Landscaping Ideas on Houzz

Should I use boulders?

When considering the use of boulders – think about how they fit into the overall theme of your pool landscaping design. Think twice about using a single boulder around a pool that does not fit your design theme.

Areas of river stone and other landscaping rocks can add a low-maintenance separation between planting beds.

Smart Tip: Boulders are best utilized when they are used in groups and with an abundance of pool landscaping. 

We would love to hear your comments.

Pleatco – The Clean Water Company

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