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Pleatco Advanced Pool

The worlds most advanced scientifically engineered
Pool Filter Cartridges and DE Grids

Pool Certified Filters

Revolutionary Pleatco Advanced POOL Filter Cartridges® center around new, exclusive and unique Pleatco Point Bonded Pool Filtration Fabric®, which combined with Pleatco®s Free Flow Cores® ensure rapid turbidity reduction, superior dirt capturing and holding capacity, extended time between cleaning and servicing, less frequent replacement, less pressure, greater flow and less energy consumption. No other filter cartridge comes close.



Replace Your Filter

You can replace any type or make of filter cartridge with a superior Pleatco cartridge.

Quickly and simply find the perfect replacement Pleatco filter cartridge or DE Grid
for your pool or spa by using any one of these three methods.

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Pleatco Advanced Pool Cartridges are the industry leading filters used and recommended by Pool Service Maintenance Professionals nationwide.
Virtually any existing pool filter cartridge, regardless of make or manufacturer can be replaced with a superior Pleatco Advanced Pool Filter Cartridge.

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All Pleatco Advanced Pool Filter Cartridges are quality manufactured with 100% unique & exclusive


No other filtration media comes close!

PLEATCO ADVANCED POOL 4oz Point Bonded Filtration Fabric contains more fibers per unit area offering far greater volume dirt holding capacity than other filtration fabrics. With reduced pore size distribution the fabric provides impressive turbidity reduction via unique cross filtration flow, easily and efficiently capturing dirt particles to achieve a deeper level of cleanliness and clarity than ever before. Due to uniformly placed weld spots, our unique Pleatco Point bonded fabrics are strong and robust, and return to a high state of original performance after cleaning, meaning greater usability, longer cleaning cycles, and less service time.

Pleatco’s Free Flow Core Technology

Pleatco Advanced Filter Cartridges are constructed with precision engineered Free Flow Cores . Our cores allow for the even flow of water through the entire cartridge which increases filtration, uses all the Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabric, and makes it easier for the pump to move water through the entire cartridge. Pleatco’s Free Flow Cores are designed to be efficient, robust and save energy, money and the environment.


Pleatco’s Free Flow Core Technology

Nobody talks about cores. Why? Because all of our competitors use PVC pipe with holes drilled in them. Take a few seconds and look inside any of our competitor s cartridges and then look inside ours... you will see the difference immediately. It s obvious. Pleatco’s cores allow for the even flow of water through the entire cartridge which increases filtration, uses all the Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabric, and makes it easier for the pump to move water through the entire cartridge. Pleatco’s Free Flow Cores are designed to be efficient, robust and saving energy, money and the environment.


Fill up or rejuvenate your pool with clean filtered water from the start.

Pleatco PureStart cartridges attach to a garden hose and capture dirt particles filtering the water BEFORE it enters into your pool. A must have!

Introducing NEW Pleatco PureStart Pre-Filters - A revolutionary product range scientifically engineered to overcome the problems associated with Tap, Ground and Well water being used for filling and topping off pools regardless of make, model or size. These new disposable sediment filter cartridges are made from unique melt-spun filtration technology for perfect depth filtration.


Performance Durability Efficiency

Pleatco replacement DE Grids are constructed with a special reinforced center tube which creates a duct to funnel water from the outer most edges of the grid into the center and through the entire frame. The Pleatco design minimizes the amount of tension placed on the fabric giving it a longer life and requiring less energy to filter water. All of our grids are made with Pleatco Unique Filtration Fabric - a high performance woven polypropylene that contains only virgin resins to assure the highest strength and to maximize filtration. The Pleatco unique design increases the bond (snap together feature) between the different sections. Pleatco s "snap lock" feature keeps the sections from coming apart during filtration when significant torsion is created while water is in motion. Seams are stitched by our product team experts with a chemical resistant heavy 4 ply thread. Pleatco DE Grids are engineered to outperform and outlast any other.


We are here to help.

At Pleatco, our goal is to provide you, with a quality customer support experience whatever the need may be. Whether trying to identify your filter for replacement or you need some help understanding how to remove, clean or replace your cartridge, you are here to find answers and solve problems. If you are a business we are more than happy to help you with your orders and deliveries. Our Free Hotline is open during business hours 9am - 5pm (EST) and we respond to web inquiries within a day.

Please feel free to contact us via


or call
Customer Care 502-240-0443 (International phone charges apply if calling from outside of the USA)
Please note that Pleatco does not sell direct to the public, however we are more than happy to point you in the right direction towards a Pleatco partner store near you or online.

spa certified

The very first trade certified filter cartridges.

We are humbled and proud to be the first and only company to ever be awarded the industry leading TRADE CERTIFICATION for pool & spa filters and simply ask when it comes to replacing your cartridges remember, quality matters, choose wisely.

Trade Certified™ is an independent media agency that recognizes the best of the best businesses, professionals and services. These award recipients represent the top 1/4 of one percent (.0025) of registered businesses in the United States and Canada.


Leaders in science & innovation.

At Pleatco we strive to bring great new filtration products and technologies to the market that provide the cleanest water filtration possible for the health, safety and happiness of every pool and spa owner - tried, tested and true. With an expert engineering staff in place, and an unparalleled dual indoor - outdoor test facility containing 20-thousand gallons of moving water, Pleatco is able to deeply examine and validate theories, materials and designs while conducting tests on competitive products in order to provide the very best filtration products on the market - At Pleatco we are bringing healthy change to the marketplace. Pleatco Applied is our new specialized innovations division specifically aimed at developing next generation advanced products in partnership with the industry s leading OEM s.

Pleatco Applied is a speciality service of the company that works closely with OEMs and like minded industry partners to develop scientifically engineered innovations for pool & spa. The division is driven through the engineering, sales & marketing arms of the company and harness the full capabilities of the company to deliver a holistic approach to product development, manufacturing and deployment. A unique and powerful opportunity that only Pleatco can provide.


Supporting our great industry.

Pleatco we recognize that the industry would literally come to a halt if not for our dedicated pool & spa service technicians. The Annual Pleatco Perfect PoolGuy /Gal Search is our way of recognizing and rewarding excellence. Return here in July each year when the contest is open for nominations. Take a moment and check out the present and past winners in our Hall of Fame.

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Great advice for pool owners.Pleatco is a proud supporter of Swim University ( Ultimate Guide to Pool & Hot Tub Care

Swimming pools are a blast, and taking care of it is extremely simple. All you need is a little know-how and you can have a clean, clear, and safe swimming pool all season or year long.

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