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The Secret to Better Fill Water

Do you know what’s in your fill water? 

Pleatco Pool and Spa Professionals frequently work with customers who are dealing with problems associated with water high in mineral content.  The most troublesome minerals are iron, calcium, and manganese. Pool and spa owners, often describe water that was at one moment is crystal clear and then over night quickly turns rusty, brown, green and even causing staining. 

Where do these minerals come from?

Minerals like iron, calcium and manganese exist naturally in water sources use to fill your pool or spa. Well water is notoriously high in mineral content but your tap and ground water can also be high in minerals.

What’s happening that causes this?

Minerals can become a problem in the water when they react with chlorine or bromine. When the minerals come in contact with oxidizing agents such as chlorine or bromine they react by quickly changing the color of your pool or spa water, and sometimes even causing staining.

So is there a secret to preventing these problems with better fill water? Yes!

Smart Tip:  Filter the water before it enters the pool.  How? Introducing PleatcoPureSTART


    Reduces dirt particles and hard mineral deposits such as iron, calcium, and manganese
    This means less headaches and chemicals when starting up your pool or spa
    Easy to use! Attaches to a garden hose
    Overcomes the problems associated with using tap, ground and well water when filling or topping off your pool or spa. 


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