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Nobody talks about the cores in a pool filter cartridge. Why?

Pool filter cartridge

Take a few seconds and look inside a competitor’s cartridges and then look inside ours... you’ll see the difference immediately. It’s obvious. The majority of our competitors use outdated, old school technology – PVC pipe with holes drilled in them! Our competitors don't really want to bring this to your attention.  

In contrast, Pleatco Free Flow Cores are scientifically engineered and injection molded to maximize flow. Made from ABS – a thermoplastic polymer for extra strength, our unique Free Flow Cores allow for the even flow of water through the entire cartridge ~ providing high dirt capturing performance while making it easy for the pump to move water through the system.

Pleatco Free Flow Cores use the entire filter cartridge to get a proper distribution of the dirt across the entire cartridge. Not just in limited spots where the holes are. The “open area” of a Pleatco Free Flow Core is much more significant than the old school PVC pipe cores.

Pleatco Free Flow Cores have an open area on approximately 50% providing substantial access to the face of the filtration fabric. In contrast, a PVC core has only 14 to 19% open areaIn turn up to 80% of the core is BLOCKED and only 20% open to the fabric face. This means that the filter has a very limited use of the filtration fabric regardless of the volume, weight or quality of the filtration fabric. These old school filter cartridges are designed this way because PVC pipe is cheap.

Also, in order to enhance the strength of Pleatco Pool Filter Cartridges we put in an ‘extra core support’ for the high pressure environment of a pool filter tank. This keeps the cartridge strong, efficient and reliable. Pleatco’s Free Flow Cores in combination with Pleatco’s exclusive Point Bonded Filtration Fabrics provide the most efficient, high performance, energy saving pool and spa filter cartridges on the market. 

You Have a Core Decision to Make. Don't Go Old School. When You Can Go to Pleatco Precision Engineered Cores!  Watch Why >>  

Thanks for taking the time to read our Blog post. We can help improve your water care today!  We would love to hear your feedback or comments. 

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