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How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

We love our swimming pools, but occasionally you might have some frustrating problems with cloudy water. There are many factors that can lead to cloudy water. Common issues include, water balance, lack of chlorine, filtration problems, weather and increased swimmer usage.

4 Steps to Fix Your Cloudy Water Problem

Step 1. Start by running your pump 24 hours a day until we get the cloudy water cleared.

Step 2. Test your water by using a home test kit or by taking a water sample to your local pool dealer. Make sure your pH is between 7.2 and 7.8.  Total alkalinity should be 80-125 ppm. If your pH and/or your total alkalinity are high, add a pH decreaser. If these levels are low use a pH increaser or total alkalinity increaser.

Smart Tip: Always pay close attention to your chlorine levels. Lack of chlorine in the pool is the #1 cause of cloudy water.  Maintain a chlorine level of 1-3 ppm.

Always be sure to read and follow the label instructions on any chemicals added to your pool.

Step 3. Clean and or backwash your filter. Cloudy water can be caused by poor filtration.

Smart Tip: Extend your time between cleaning, servicing, and filter replacement. Go Cleaner, Faster, Longer.  Learn more about the world’s most powerful High Performance Pool Filter Cartridges.

Step 4. Shock the pool with a chlorine shock. Follow the shock label instructions.

Smart Tip: When conditions change adjust! Shock after heavy rains, increased pool usage, and after removing debris on pool floor like leaves.

Do You Still Need Help?  If you need some additional help with cloudy water just call PleatcoCare at 800-886-5160 or send us an email Would you like to hire a Pool Professional to take of these issues? Find pro’s here:

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