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8 Awesome Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool

Reason #1 Quality Time With Family & Friends

A huge benefit of swimming pool ownership is less distraction from ever-present technology that controls so much of our life.  Now just imagine the look on your children’s faces when you tell them they are getting a pool! Your swimming pool also gives friends and neighbors a reason to come over.

For parents, it keeps the kids close and gets them outside! Breaking that grip on video gaming, YouTube, social channels, texting…. 

Laughter, smiles, games, splashing or floating. When you build a pool, you’re actually creating a fun and relaxing space for all to spend time together. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime!
8 Awesome Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool

Reason #2 Create an Endless Vacation in Your Backyard

Why leave your home to go on vacation when you can be on an endless vacation in your own backyard?  Need an escape? Open you backdoor and you are there!

Reason #3 Fitness and Health

Instead of driving to the gym, you can spend time exercising in your own pool. Research shows that swimming provides an excellent total body workout with a low risk of injury. Swimming in your pool can also promote faster weight loss. Walking or jogging in the pool is a great, low-impact forms of exercise. Water provides extra resistance while protecting the joints and bones.

Reason #4 Relaxation and Stress Relief

When you get home from a long day at work or need to escape the every day pressures of life, take a quick dip in your pool to unwind. Being in and around a pool is a natural stress reliever because water has an amazing calming affect on us.

Reason #5 Increases the Value of Your Home

A pool adds an immediate value to your home.  Many people add extra amenities to the pool area like an outdoor bar/kitchen, fire pit or landscaping. These additions further increase the worth of your home.

Reason #6 Beat The Dog Days of Summer

Instead of hiding out indoors with the air conditioning, you can beat the summer heat by lounging in the cool waters of your own pool and save on the air conditioning bill. Speaking of dogs – they will love their new pool!

Reason #7 The Grandkids

When it comes to giving the grandkids an extra incentive to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house, nothing beats a swimming pool.

Reason #8 Sleep Better

If you suffer from insomnia, or lack of peaceful sleep the exercise you get in a pool allows you to fall to sleep faster and sleep deeper. Many parents struggle to get kids to bed on time, a pool can make your life easier, it’s a sure fire way to tire them out.

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