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5 Reasons to Hire a Pool Service Professional

Reason #1: Chemically treating a pool properly can be very frustrating for pool owners.

Proper chemical treatment will ensure the health and well being of your family. The proper amount and levels of chemicals often requires more knowledge than many pool owners possess or want to learn about. Pool professionals may visit over sixty swimming pools per week on average. Each pool is unique and may have different needs and requirements. Pool Service Professionals have the tools, chemicals and experience to create a worry-free experience for you!

Pool Service Professional

Reason #2: Saves Time On Weekly Maintenance

All homeowners want a sparkling pool but many don’t have the time to manage and clean the pool. A pool professional will make sure the pool is functioning properly by cleaning, balancing the chemicals, and monitoring pool equipment. Specific weekly maintenance services include:

·      Checking and balancing the pool chemicals and shocking the pool if necessary

·      Surface skimming and bottom of debris, leaves, bugs…

·      Cleaning or replacing your filter cartridges

·      Cleaning the skimmer baskets

·      Brushing down your pool surfaces

·      Cleaning your pool filter and back-washing, if needed

·      Cleaning the pool deck of leaves and other debris

·      Cleaning and inspecting the pool equipment

Reason #3: Hassle Free Pool Opening, Closing & Preventive Maintenance

Pool Service Professionals provide expertise that goes well beyond weekly maintenance.

·      They will be able to inspect for any leaks or equipment that needs repair as well as diagnose exactly what chemicals your pool will require.

·      During a typical pool opening, a pool professional will remove and fold the pool cover, reassemble the filter tank and pump, install the diving board, ladders and rails, start and check the filter system

·      They create a complete chemical analysis of your pool water, and add make adjustments as needed. 

·      A pool professional will properly maintain your pool equipment. There are a lot of moving parts and any small mechanical issue can dramatically affect your pool’s operation and filtration process.

·      Pool professionals will use preventative maintenance techniques to save you time and money as your pool starts to age.

·      During closing, a pool professional will remove the ladders, handrails and stairs, winterize the pump, filter and heater, winterize lines, add chemicals and replace the pool cover.

Reason #4:  Hiring a professional also reduces the issues and risks of storing chemicals.

Chemicals should always be stored in a safe and dry location not impacted the weather. Did you know that pool chemicals, such as chlorine could cause rust to whatever they are around. That includes pool equipment, tools and even your car if stored in nearby in a garage.

Homeowners should also be aware of the safety issues with storing chemicals. Example: Calcium Hypochlorite based shock (the most common form of shock) is a highly flammable oxidizer. If mixed with Tri-Chlor or many other organic compounds it will catch fire. A swimming pool service company will eliminate the need and risks to store anything at your home.

Reason #5: Relax, enjoy and have fun!

Perhaps most important reason to hire a pool professional is to relax, enjoy, and have fun in your pool! This is why you own a pool. Knowing you have a competent professional taking care of your pool can give you peace of mind and help you save money and time.

Pleatco takes great pride in our industry leading partnership with Pool Professionals. You can find them on our Store/Partner Locator

Thanks for taking the time to read our Blog post. We would love to hear your comments.

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