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Fun in the Sun

by Pleatco, Jnr.Scientist 4. September 2012 11:42


How protected are you? Every year we buy bottles of sunblock to avoid harmful UV rays and protect our skin from burning and aging. Yet, somehow we still manage to get a burn even after applying loads of UV Block. How is that possible you may ask? According to scientists at the National Risk Management Research Laboratory, you may be less protected than you think.


The science behind the scenes is that the swimming pool water ingredients such as Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione, Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione, Cyanuric Acid, Algaecides, and Muriatic Acid, used to disinfect your pool water may actually be stripping your sunblock of its protective qualities. Even if the sunblock is water resistant, it is still unable to withstand chemical reactions that take place between the chemicals added to your pool, the sun and your skin. With time after application aluminum hydroxide coating in sunscreens is depleted, leaving your skin unprotected.


In order to combat this issue and stay protected while in the sun, it is best to decrease the ppm of disinfecting ingredients used. But, this can only be done if a top quality cartridge is used such a Pleatco Pure. Built with the latest technology, Pleatco Pure provides you with the purest water possible. With a filter cartridge such a Pleatco Pure, there is no need to dump loads of disinfecting chemicals into your pool as long as minimal levels are reached and proper chemical balance ratio is maintained. So be smart and well prepared, use a cartridge known to provide you with the purest water and allow you to use minimum chemicals. Remember cleaner water leads to a healthier you. 

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Dual Core Advantage Explained

by Nick 2. March 2012 03:53

Pleatco’s Dual Core cartridge is the most powerful filter cartridge present in the Pool and Spa industry.

As the name indicates, the cartridge uses two cores that channelize the flow without compromising the free flow characteristics of the Pleatco filter cartridges. The Dual media attributes to making it the Advanced Filtration System. The outer media acts as a pre filter and traps the larger dust particle. A known fact that for a cartridge to perform efficiently we need to form a filter cake. In a traditional filter cartridge the dust particle bypasses the cartridge through the opening in the media due to absence of a filter cake. However in a dual core cartridge this is not the case, the dust that bypasses the outer media loses momentum and gets filtered easily by the inner media. This differentiation achieved due to the use of two media makes Dual Core an Advanced Filtration System.

On average, a child drinks 1.3 ounce of water every hour they play in pool. This statement highlights the importance of having a pool that is not only clear but clean. This level of cleaning is easily attained due to the Dual Core advantage.

The idea of the pool is not dirty enough to build a filter cake sounded absurd to Pleatco and hence we revolutionized to our new JM which has better pore size distribution which captures smaller and larger particle of dirt. Dual core is an innovative step taken by Pleatco where the dirt that usually gets bypassed gets trapped by the inner media cleaning the pool more effectively and rapidly.

In a Traditional filter, media captures the larger particle dirt as shown in the image below. However the smaller dirt particles are bypassed and are shot back into the pool. This will be the case until the filter builds up some dirt on the media which is called as filter cake. Once the filter cake is formed on the media its square footage is saturated and can filter even smaller dust particle which would have made through the filter in the absence of this filter cake.

The Dual core behaves very differently compared to a traditional filter cartridge. The Pre filter and Post filter feature of the Dual Core cartridge differentiates it from any traditional cartridge out there in the market. The Pre filter filters the dirt easily and those dirt particles that get bypassed through the web lose momentum and are easily trapped on the inner media. Dual core is more efficient as it does not bypass dirt easily and builds filter cake on the inner media easily. Providing clean and clear water for our consumers and their loved ones.

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The Pool & Spa Industry Just Keeps on Improving

by Kelsey 18. January 2012 02:12

            In the Northeast there has been a lot of movement towards an industry-specific licensing for pool and spa builders along with service firms. In Massachusetts the bill will go into effect July 1, 2012 while in Connecticut and Nassau County, NY continuous work on a bill of their own.  Penalties for the law in Massachusetts will be fines of up to $3,000, regardless if you are performing the work or hired an unlicensed professional. The man in charge of putting this bill together was Chris Callanan who represents Region 9 on the Associations of Pool & Spa Professional Board of Directors. His belief is to begin professionalizing the industry further. To maintain the license builders must complete at least 6 hours of continuing education. While each law differs in each state overall, the industry is looking towards further improvements and professionalism.  


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As the Pool Industry Grows As Does China’s Influence

by Kelsey 29. December 2011 03:58

Around the pool and spa industry, including here at Pleatco, emails from Chinese companies appear frequently. In the past, pool and spa companies mostly ignored these emails disregarding them due to the origin of the email. Recently, as the emails flood in companies are more aware of these Chinese companies. These companies are displaying themselves in the marketplace even here in the United States. Just last month at the Pool Spa Patio Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, more than 2 dozen Chinese manufacturing companies occupied booth spaces at the show. Now, more and more pool and spa products including toys, chemicals, pumps, and covers are being made for less money in China. While some believe it is not worth the hassle to deal with the “inferior products” or difficulty in communicating with foreigners, others believe in order to be competitive in today’s market you must product overseas. Is China the way of the future? Is it better to buy overseas for less but risk buying an inferior product?

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by Kelsey 5. December 2011 03:58

How many other pool and spa companies do you know with their own personal mobile app for their website? In the beginning of November, Pleatco launched their mobile app for the IPAD, I Phone, Android, and Blackberry phones for FREE. The app includes all the tabs and features the website has. While you are out on the job or not near a computer you can now access our website on your phone!

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by Kelsey 1. December 2011 09:13

Pleatco is installing webcams, microphones, and Skype on everyone’s computers in the office, further leading the way through innovation in the pool and spa industry. Along with our state of the art research and testing facility, constant streaming of new products, the strongest engineering staff in the industry, and a management team committed to growth and new product development, Pleatco is once again going above and beyond others in the industry. By installing these webcams, microphones, and Skype, Pleatco will be better enabled to speak with customers around the country and world. As the world is becoming more digital and online, so is Pleatco.

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by Kelsey 28. November 2011 02:59

Some gals are born with a passion and a gift and Jennifer is one of them. From a little girl assisting her dad, to now owning Gold Coast Swimming Pools, Jennifer is well regarded as an honest, fair, caring, exceedingly appreciative, and known to never take shortcuts Pool Gal. Whenever a customer is in need Jennifer is there, even if it means sawing through a tree in the middle of a road.

She continues to pursue cutting edge technology and is dedicating to furthering her own education in the pool and spa industry. Pleatco is proud to honor her as our 2011 Pleatco Perfect Pool Gal because Jennifer was born to do this job.     

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by Kelsey 21. November 2011 07:07


The 2011 Pleatco Pool Guy Was recently announced with the award going to Gil Serrano from Bay Area Pool Service in Florida. Gil began his career in 1997 as a pool service technician and has evolved his career ever since. He is now the pool service manager at Bay Area Pool Service where he is committed to pursuing further knowledge within the industry and continuously works towards being “service master” in Florida State.

Here is was Gil has to say about the whole process, “It is very gratifying to know that there is a quality company like Pleatco that takes the time to recognize the hard work and dedication of pool service professionals across the country.  I am honored to be this year’s winner and to represent my company Bay Area Pool Service and the whole industry.  Pleatco’s contest is a motivator to all the award winners and participants to strive to be the best in our industry bringing quality and perfection to our trade.  This award motivates me to be a better teacher to my teammates, and I would hope that one day in the future they would strive to win this award.”

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by Kelsey 18. November 2011 03:17

In the November 11th issue of Pool and Spa News one of Pleatco’s past Perfect Pool Guy winner’s is featured in an article called Rich Tarricone & Hazeltine Nurseries. Rich’s best friend from High School, Stephen Hazeltin, has built the largest design-build-landscape company in Florida while using an unconventional business model. On part of the company’s property, 90 acres is devoted for employees to practice sports including volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Stephen believes in order to build a more prolific work force implementing employee-friendly policies is key. “The way they treat their staff, you don’t see the level of support at most places,” Tarricone notes.

We are proud of Rich and Stephen for their continuous hard work in the pool and spa industry.

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Pleatco Web Blog Goes Live

by Battista 5. May 2011 03:22

We are happy to announce today as a part of the new Pleatco Website our Pleatco Blog is officially online. This Blog will act as a crucial forum for our TECHNOLOGY developments and as a community noticeboard for the industry and consumers alike. Make sure to visit our Blog on a regular basis and post your comments and feedback.